Virtual Gallery for Revival Collection

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Recycling, upcycling and zero waste is what we are doing at Simina Filat Design studio, transforming those concepts into our core values for our design work.  

We are using the concept of recycling and upcycling long before knowing its true meaning. Since 2010 we have been using textile and leather to create bags, and all the small pieces of leftovers after cutting a bag pattern are reused in creating new leather/textile sheets that are colorful and unique.

Taking all this into consideration, the idea of launching the “Revival” Mini Collection was just a natural step for our studio. We are now confident enough to lunch a 100% recycled mini collection with no waste elements.

With this mini collection, Simina Filat Design brand takes a step forward towards digitalization, choosing as a launching platform an exhibition – a virtual gallery. 

The need to cross the boundaries of a classic launch marked by a real event comes from two well-founded reasons. 

First of all, the current situation still imposes strict rules of social distancing and a sense of social responsibility that we fully assume for the safety of all our community members. 

And secondly, the rapid dynamics that characterize everything that means digital information, technology and virtual reality is making its mark more and more in the fashion industry, thus causing brands to explore new ways to create or promote their creations. 

This virtual gallery marks for us the beginning of a virtual journey and even if we are talking about a timid start, we hope that you will join us.

Does everyone have their 3D glasses ready? Let’s start the VIRTUAL TOUR.