Shopping for RE PAP

RE PAP is a collection of new familiar objects, defining a contemporary home, made of creative recycling of abandoned objects and used resources. In addition to the multitude of home-deco items, office supplies, stationery and fashion accessories, there are some very special items: a collection of cubic diaries made from recycled paper with an olfactory piece of paper for each day of the year, or eclectic colored paper bags combined with handles made of multicolored fabrics.
The objects that you see in the online shop are already made and might still be available depending on stock. We we can also make personalized, individual or corporate orders. We can shape the paper in order to meet your creative requirements for a custom order, color wise and in terms of size. The objects are also olfactory, using natural essences, lavender, lemongrass, rose, coffee, vanilla or cinnamon and apple. Due to the nature of the production process, there will always be slight variations in size, weight and color, but this is what makes our products unique.