September 2016. Satellite Event Collaboration “Contemporary Arts Festival” “Electro Camp” Venice.

The project “Contemporary Perspectives on Romanian Interdisciplinary Art” started from the intention of the organizers (4Culture with the support of ICR, through the CentenArt program and in partnership with Live Arts Cultures (Venice)) to promote contemporary Romanian creation in an international context that enjoys recognition and visibility. Conceived as a mirror of the most representative results of 4Culture and WASP Studios productions in the field of new and trans-media performance and contemporary art, the project aims to promote Romanian artists in several important events: Architecture Biennale, Venice Dance Biennale and the international Electro Camp festival.

The participation of Romanian artists in the Electro Camp Festival – International Platform For New Sounds and Dance was marked by two interactive installations, a contemporary dance performance and two lectures.

B.L.B._ border / less / body passport project was one of the two interactive installation and the name behind it were Emil Ivănescu and Simina Filat. The generating idea of ​​the B.L.B. was to create passports for an ambiguous, seemingly borderless world. The device mixes body image with somatic sounds. In order to falsify this passport, you will not only have to change your fingerprints, voice or eyes, you will have to change the sound of your own body’s viscera. The device raises a question: where does control end and where does freedom begin? The installation reiterates a fact from the past: the 1990s, the fall of communism and the freedom to travel in Europe and anywhere. The passport was a desideratum you fought for. And now what?