Ruumy was created in 2017, being my bachelor’s thesis for the completion of the National Faculty of Arts, Fashion-Clothing Design Section. Over time he has had numerous art and design exhibitions, national and international, as well as 4 international design awards. From an idea for the license, the Ruumy project was transformed in 3 years, into 4 different prototypes, the latter bringing the expected design solution to the Ruumy concept and products. It is an innovative project on the world market and sentimental for me, its goal being to become a worldwide viral product, helping to reduce product consumption. The product categories it belongs to are the following: Architecture, Furniture, Home Deco, Fashion, Accessories, Pets, Nomads lifestyle ”

 Simina Filat – Fashion Designer

‘’Ruumy (author SIMINA FILAT) is one of those design works, which reshapes the way of thinking in the forms of “post-internet culture”, a paradigm that assumes the centrality of networks and new media, but also the free movement of objects, in their form, at the same time in physical form, in digital representation, Augmented Reality, but especially in a cultural environment. It’s about a type of civilization with another language, another aesthetic, and another type of functionality. This implies an important interior revolution, a qualitative leap, through which the designer reformulates the relationship with its mission, with the society and the objective world. What characterizes the culture of our time, is the way we, the people, learn to rethink and reevaluate the way we understand the materiality, the meaning and the vitality of things / objects in our lives, the new vocabulary which is described in a new economy of senses.’’

Phd Designer Ioana Sanda Avram – President of the Design Section – Union of Plastic Artists Romania


Twill. Case condition. Time. 

Three friends, two boys and one girl or maybe two girls and a boy or a transgender and two franciscan monks forgotten by time. Three chic nomads of modern and rich times. One luxury hiding. An apartment, open-space, rented. Unable to intervene in. Inside unframed, unpartitioned, impossible to be shared by built. Maybe a monument space, protected by law, but not by what you feel. The three need to define spaces, boundaries, existing together, protections together and clothes together. A permanently rich but constraining open-space. The three pay two RUUMY. You define by two membranes and an openspace that home. A home by volume and coat, through the membrane and the veil: a wall-vesmant, a non-material textile material, a loose fold comprising three bodies.

The story begins: Social movements, the trends studied, the people around, the wishes/demands of my costumers, the very rapid advancement of the technology, all this makes me ask myself: <<How would it be if the wall of my room would also serve as a dressing? What if the dressing would become my coat?>> These questions leading to How would it be if I ‘dress’ my wall? 

Design Solution: We can see that the contemporary lifestyle becomes faster, we are often forced to move our homes, sometimes due to our jobs. We can also see that a new current is emerging , “digital nomads”, and it involves people who choose to leave their office and start working online while travelling. The problem in these lifestyles is the fact that we own many things (like heavy furniture, clothes, handbags, bags) that keep us from a fast and compact packing of the wardrobe. Also, owning proprieties everywhere we travel isn’t a solution either, and packing and keeping what you have in a storage site requires plenty of money and time.


Ruumy is a concept that has started from the essence of basic things, and studies the functions / verbs of “keeping and harnessing”, functions that if interfered with other external elements can be transformed. Technology advances very fast, and makes me think if there are any clothes in the future? Or well-targeted products / objects? If there were only pieces / shapes that, if I compose them, transform them into what I need according to the situation of the moment?

Ruumy is a range of modular furniture with a design that can be combined to form room dividers, home decor panels, cabinets or even garments, bags and allows a fast and easy packing. The design allows the wardrobe to transform into a garment, a bag or home decor.

Multifunction – Modular: Ruumy is an object with a geometric shape that has the appearance of a puzzle wall, and combines the concept of furniture, this time a textile furniture, with the one of fashion but also reaching the play side through the labyrinth for pets. Ruumy can be a bed / mattress that turns into individual decorative pillows, which can then be transformed into a bag or backpack. Ruumy is an organizer that can make order in children’s toys or those of your pet, and the ideas can go on forever.

Depending on the number of parts and types of connectors, straps and accessories you use, you can create different design objects or fashion garments: Partition wall, cabinet, pillows, tent, hammock, mobile library, shoe organizers, blanket, sleeping bag, vertical garden, sofa cushion, outside garment, handbags, travel bags, baby doll organizer, pet organizer, pet bed, a vertical cat labyrinth. Depending on the consumer’s imagination and creativity, Ruumy pieces can be transformed into puzzles thus giving them different utilities.


A global Sustainable Community: The project is meant to create an online community of customers, to exchange or borrow pieces, what is old for you, it can be new to me, that would promote relationships between newcomers and local people. Our vision is that Ruumy it will never be thrown away, but can be exchanged in the online community. In this way we can reduce the environmental pollution with the production of new textiles and increase the life of the product.

Ruumy it’s a new complex socio-economic-cultural equation, which contains objects, people, compositional links and communication nodes; through them a simple product can connect differently to a network of possibilities, expectations and rules imagined by people who decide to be part of the Ruumy NetWorking Community.

“A globally sustainable product” which lives through that collaborative work without limits, which can be manifested by the new type of resource management. This extends the life of the product, virtually unlimited in terms of circulation and utility, through this global “share” supported by the sharing of pieces to RUUMY members, on the principle “It’s old for you, it’s new to me!”

My Name is RUUMY: a three-word name: room, roomies, and remy (rummy).  Words that explain very well the three major valences of this project: architectural design / utilitarian design, the affectionate and community part around an object that manifests both in physical space and online by creating a community co-design platform , with the possibility to create a “new media” through this concept, and remy from playful, modulated, creative and direct invitation to “co-creation” in this project.

Awards: In the last 3 years, Ruumy entered the shortlist at the Lexus Design Award 2018 International contest, and has won Worth Partnership Projects, Valencia, Spain (European International Award); International Design Award Competition 2019, Como Lake, Italy (Bronze Award) and National Design Award 2018 offered by Union of Plastic Artists Romania.


Ruumy was part of a design project within the Venice / ElectroCamp satellite event of the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2016; was part of Romanian Design Week and that was only the beginning of many partnerships. Starting June 2019, Ruumy is exhibited permanently at the MOOD – MUSEUM OF DESIGN Exhibition, Como Lago, Italy and total number of design exhibitions reach 6 this year: Architecture and Interior Design Festival – New Delhi, India; Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing – Mumbai, India; Shenzhen Industrial Design Fair (SZIDF) – Shenzhen, China; International Hebei Industrial Design Week (HIDW) – Hebei, China;  Permanent Exhibition in Hebei, China.

And in 2020, Ruumy is part of Fiore Mobile Salone Digital Edition 2020 Milano, Italy.

Future plans: While we are working on the official website, we are looking for the best solutions to turn the Ruumy Concept into a commercial product. We are seeking the best solutions for sustainable materials, using recycling or upcycling concepts. We hope to arouse a new form of consumption, a ‘new era’.

# Key words: home textile and bags, changeable, sustainable, repair option, ux-experience, co-working, community, interconnectivity, co-design, multifunctional, modular, furniture, fashion, recycle, reuse, reusable, no waste, sharing, up-cycle.



Choose – Build – and Share your Ruumy!


Author: Designer Simina Filat, Romania, Since June  2017