May 2018. Ruumy @ Romanian Design Week 2018

Romanian Design Week 2018, at The Phones Palace, Bucharest, Romania.

Like every year, RDW‘s stated objectives were, from the beginning: promoting creative disciplines in Romania, the interaction between specialists in various fields of design, bringing an audience as wide as possible and disseminating a discourse on the potential of creative industries in general, but also generating the necessary development context of these disciplines in Romania.

The exhibition aimed to identify and bring together those design projects that prove the complexity of the processes required for quality design, as well as examples of good practice and excellence in creativity, emphasizing the diversity of executions and multidisciplinarity, thus succeeding in investigating and capturing innovation, but also consistency, both necessary for the design process.

Simina Filat, with her Ruumy project, was one of the designers selected to be part of Romanina Design Week 2018.