The Heritage

Made exclusively by hand, from hemp more than 100 years old, originating from Vistea de Sus, the bag carries a special load and captures one of the most significant Romanian folk traditions – cross embroidery. A Romanian point whose series forms the “protective eye”, a symbol with magical properties that transforms each bag into a unique one, full of emotion and personality.

The cross stitch gathers to form the “protective eye” and its chain turns into one of the most representative works of the artist Constantin Brancusi – The Infinity Column.

A touch of authenticity, a call to origins, an urge to love, in a world where everything seems to happen much too fast.

And because in a sea of ​​history there is room for a new drop, the leather handle is extremely versatile and can be shaped in countless ways so that the bag will be not only unique but will also bear the personal imprint of the one who wears it.

This creation hides a story in which the Romanian folk traditions blend perfectly with the contemporary spirit and the urban madness, giving birth to a unique model.


Composition: 100 years old hemp, Genuine Leather, Silver metallic accessories 

Measurements: Handle drop 12 cm, Length of handle 32 cm, Depth 12 cm, Height 20 cm, Width 35 cm

Color: Beige