The Vest

Although in our brand portfolio you will find several products that intersect the accessory part with the garment part, this vest is the first product in the Garments category.


Over time, working with materials from which it is absolutely normal to have pieces that you can no longer use, we chose to donate those pieces to schools for teaching purposes. For this mini collection, however, we decided to use absolutely all the remaining pieces of material and to create practically other unique material through its pattern, from which we would then cut the pattern of the product.


The material of this product is made 100% by hand in our own studio, from all the remaining pieces of material, thus preserving our brand values of #nowaste and #sustainability.  It is a product that involves a lot of attention and many hours of work, but it is our way of expressing our concern for the environment.

This vest has a simple and straight shape, emphasizing the vivid colors of its innovative material produced especially for this unique product.

Composition: Upcycled leather fabric / Silver metallic accessories

Color: Unique combination


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