Pet Nest

Originated from Pet Cushion, it thus becomes a perfect place where either your puppy or your cat can hide freely with their favorite toy or for a beauty sleep. Due to its size, the nest is perfect for small animals.

If you turn the Nest upside down, it becomes a “tent” with an entrance for small puppies or even for cats. And speaking of cats I am sure they will be delighted by the dozens of leather laces becoming their favourite toy.

Crafted with upcycled leather fabric the pet cushion and nest are design as a statement, through which we aim to provide your pet with the most comfortable sleeping and playing arrangement imaginable. 

Being modular, over time, you can change the colors of slices, easily clean them or even change the type of their filling.


Composition: Upcycled leather fabric

Color: Unique combination

475 332

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