All Eyes on You

The Diamond Bag is my brand-flag bag and was born from a pure “mistake”. One day I was looking for a piece of leather to show it to one of my clients and by coincidence I took a wrong one: a recycled leather with a large flaw in the upper left side. That was my moment of inspiration and I took the piece of leather and started to draw a pattern. 

The model, although it has no locking system, is designed so that there is no access in the bag when you carry it on your shoulder. It can be folded and it will take the form of an oversized envelope with shape overruns.

This one is special since it has a story to tell. The bag carries a special load and captures one of the most significant Romanian folk traditions – cross embroidery. A Romanian point whose series forms the “protective eye”, a symbol with magical properties that transforms each bag into a unique one, full of emotion and personality.


Composition: Genuine Leather

Measurements: Height 53 cm, Width 42 cm

Color: Gold





Available on backorder

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