June 2019. Nespresso.RE-ciclare, RE-naştere, RE-inventare.

June 2019: Recycling project, Galateca Gallery and Nesspresso together with 9 Romanian artists, Project exhibited in the public space and Galateca Gallery, Bucharest, Romania.

The art and design project RE-ciclare, RE-naştere, RE-inventare, staged by Galateca gallery for Nespresso brand has as inspiration the need for recycling, being in close connection with the identity concept  called Măiastra – IA.ALTFEL.

The curatorial concept is based on the following keywords: recycling, reinvention, rebirth and the idea of ​creativity, reuse of traditional materials and techniques.

The 9 selected young artists – Alexandru Boeriu, Sergiu Chihaia, Simina Filat, Miruna Gheordunescu, Nicolae Prodromou, Claudia Puşcaşiu, Daniel Rădulescu, Alexandra Rusu and Sabina Tupan – used various techniques and different artistic expressions to create art and design objects, having as common foundation the integration of Nespresso aluminum capsules, fully recyclable.

The works marked, in a creative and unique way, the need for recycling, all the above artists having in their artistic career an approach towards sustainability.  Also, the twist of each art work in a contemporary way, using the coffee capsules, highlited the way in which Nespresso collects and 100% recycles the used coffee capsules.