July 2017. Ruumy Personal Exhibition @ Galateca Gallery Bucharest – curator Dr. Ioana Sanda Avram.

The second personal exhibition of the designer Simina Filat opened to the public in the middle of 2017, to present the license project, but also the soul project of Simina Filat, RUUMY.

Ruumy is more than a project, it is a concept that starts from the essence of the function of “holding” but also of “sheltering”, and on which you can exercise your imagination.

In technical terms, it involved the creation of an original object, an object with a seemingly simple shape, geometric and carefully calculated, that has the appearance of a puzzle wall, whose pieces have, individually, by disassembly, their own life and behave like a separate world.

Although it seems an object, “RUUMY” is in fact a state of communion, a project extended to all environments in which we manifest as social and emotional beings. The extremely valuable part of this project is that the object remains an object, but behaves different in various spaces and environments.

Thus, the concept goes beyond professional design boundaries and is beyond what would mean clothing design, object design, interior design, or other areas of design: it becomes a NEW complex ENVIRONMENT, which allows an infinite number of uses, in which each user can prove creatively, through the uniqueness of his choices.