Simina Filat Design @ FuoriSalone Digital 2020

It is no news that the coronavirus pandemic has put on hold the whole world and many industries have been forced to reinvent themselves. Events, trade shows, international fashion and design weeks have been reborn in digital and thus countless online platforms have appeared that have successfully taken the place of live events.

This is also the case of Milan Design Week 2020 which, scheduled to take place between 21-26 April 2020, was canceled until next year’s edition, but some of its events were only postponed between 15-21 June 2020 on Fuorisalone Digital online platform. The multitude of promotional tools offered by Fuorisalone Digital, such as Fuorisalone TV, Fuorisalone Meets, Fuorisalone Magazine and Fuorisalone Social Media has created the right basis for Milan Design Week 2020 – Fuorisalone Digital. Part of the partners that decided to join such an online initiative was the WORTH Partnership Project, which, on, occupied a special section completed with videos, live sessions, product presentations and previews of unique creations meant to highlight the most innovative trends of the future.

The “WORTH” partnership project, an initiative of the European Union, supports collaborations between SMEs and start-up designers, manufacturers and technology companies to create innovative and design-based products and ideas. The initiative is funded under the COSME program and is implemented by a consortium across Europe, convinced that the creative industries (SMEs and start-ups) are the key drivers of economic growth in Europe.

WORTH’s winning partnerships have access to an incubation platform consisting of basic financial support, personalized coaching and guidance from international specialists and experts, assistance in accessing finance and market positioning, advice on intellectual property protection, and participation in networking activities but also the right to participate with the winning project in two international exhibitions. 63 winning projects of the 2nd call of “Worth” 2019, in which 144 projects from 24 European countries took part, were invited to Fuorisalone Digital to share their experience on how Romanian designers can contribute with solutions key to global challenges centered on the values of the circular economy.

SiminaFilat Design brand had the honor to participate in Milan Design Week 2020 – Fuorisalone Edition as the winner of the Worth Partnership Project 2019 but also as a speaker in the workshop on the importance of protecting intellectual property in the design process.

Ruumy, in version 5.0, was the project that Simina Filat designer chose to present. “An architectural wall, a completely unique puzzle that transforms from textile walls into fashion accessories, from storage spaces to garments, from bags to pillows, from doll organizer to backpack bags, from the library in the labyrinth for cats, etc. This concept contains all the values of my brand and part of my vision for the future: recycle, upcycle, reuse, no waste.” Simina Filat

Milan Design Week 2020 – Fuorisalone Digital had 215 participants from 29 European countries and was about the challenges of the circular economy, about smart materials, about 100% organic raw material, about social innovation and virtual reality; it was about the ability of European designers to fundamentally change a design industry that needs a re-examination of its entire value chain.

For 7 days, the participating designers have been involved in various discussions and as the design industry makes the transition to a circular economy, each link in the value chain will become connected, so that the added value of the product can be kept for as long as possible while the amount of waste will be reduced.

So, the future sounds good!