February 2016. Personal exhibition “Keep an eye on me”

“Keep an eye on me!” It is an urge launched by Simina Filat, a young designer with a special vision on the most important feminine accessory, Iulia Gorneanu, art curator, passionate about traditions and protector of Romanian heritage, in exclusive collaboration with Galateca Gallery.

The past and the present, the old and the new, the tradition and the contemporary spirit come together in a unique exhibition, entitled “Keep an eye on me!”, An exhibition meant to prove that the “regular” bag that every woman wears every day can hide an unique story.

The event marked the first personal exhibition of designer Simina Filat, in February 2016, at Galateca Gallery, a location that breathes art and design, a living and modern space, where contemporary art blends perfectly with the classic one.

“Keep an eye on me!” It is an urge that hides a story in which the Romanian folk traditions blends perfectly with the contemporary spirit and the urban vibe, giving birth to a unique bag model, embroidered with the Romanian traditional motif, the ”eye”.

Minimalist, comfortable, roomy and versatile, the diamond bag tells a surprising story about confidence, well-being and balance, appealing to the role of protection against the evil that legends attribute to the “eye”.

A mixture of qualities, moods, thoughts, joys and fears.