October 2018. Exhibition Zain – Main Central Event, Cluj Napoca, Romania.

The ZAIN creativity festival brings, for 10 days, the design in the heart of Cluj-Napoca.

The fourth edition of the ZAIN design festival, held in October 2018, inspired by UniCredit Bank, boasted an extensive portfolio of events, on an area exceeding 800 square meters of exhibition space, where more than 100 Romanian designs were revealed to the public: from design object, clothing design, jewelry and accessories to graphic design and experimental design. The course of the exhibition was conceived as an experience in itself, meant to put the visitor in a direct relationship with the exhibited products.

ZAIN was born out of the need to talk about and design. The ability to think and design things is one of the oldest human practices; to do things that serve a purpose. ZAIN aims to emphasize the importance of design in everyday life. From industrial design, graphic design, textile design, object design, urban design, experimental design, architecture and the list goes on, ZAIN organizers strongly believe that we can influence the world around us by co-creating it.