Because we are valuing the process that each bag have been on from the materials to the workmanship and the design and because we made sustenability our core value here at Simina Filat Design, we are encouraging our clients to take care of their leather goods in order to prolong the life of their favourite bag or belt.

Whether sending them in for cleaning, conditioning or re-heeling, we are offering a wide range of services having a team of professionals that will take very good care of your item. 


Simina Filat Design offers specialist repair services for leather accessories including handbags, wallets and belts.

Zip Replacement

We can replace broken zips for handbags and holdalls with new and we will source a closest possible match in size, color, material and zip teeth. In order to do this, we must carefully remove the old zipper and restitch in a new one taking care to line up everything perfectly. In case of lost or damaged tassels, we’ll recreate and attach new tassels or zip pullers.

Retube Handles

The tubing in handles can become disconfigured from use or can wear through the leather, we can retube the handles to get them back in working order.

Reinforce Structure Or Panels

If your bag has lost it’s shape we can reinforce the panels which involves opening up the lining to put a structured leather panel inside and then we close up the lining as if we were never there.

Replace Hardware

There may be additional costs depending on the construction of the item and the hardware but we will make sure that the hardware that needs to be replaces will be as similar as possible with the original one.


If the edging is cracked or disintegrated, we sand down the old edging and replace it. Edging is made up of a specialist paint which seals and protects the leather after the bag has been constructed, usually along the handles.

Realign Frame

Usually with bags that have a metal frame, if the clasp doesn’t close properly it might be a case of realigning the frame.

Please take into consideration that this may not fix the problem depending on the damage but we will try to find a solution.

Filler/leather Restoration

We can “hide” small holes and deep scratches by applying a nice and suitable patch on the area with problems. Of course, we will make sure to discuss the type and color of the patch with you. We can also cover worn away corners and this would be provided alongside some colour restoration so that the mend is as invisible as possible.

Strap Shortening/lengthening

We can lengthen or shorten leather straps to suit your needs or source a closest match in chain to lengthen. If we can’t find a good match, we’ll come up with a solution. Just let us know the preferred length.

Cost drivers depend on how the chain is attached to the bag and whether additional stitching is needed and where.

Remake Handles And Straps

If your handles/straps are too weak we recommend replacing them rather than repairing. We can remake handles or straps as a closest possible match in style and colour to the original.

Remake Top Binding

Most commonly on tote bags, we can remake the top binding in new leather. We match this as close as possible to the original.


Even the highest quality handbags will succumb over time to general wear-and-tear at some point but with a quick patch-up they can be back in service in no time making you LOVE YOUR BAG over and over again.

As part of our repairs service, we can change the lining and repair stitches on your leather goods to help extend their life of use and keep things well organized. Depending on your needs, our lining change and stitch repair services can also include replacing of new lining with Satin or Fabric material, stitch repair of strap connectors, replacing of new zipper lining and more.

Lining Repair

We can stitch or patch any tears or holes in the lining. Please be aware this mend will be visible.


The loops that hold important components together (straps, buckles, laces) can become weak or loose. We can remake these to ensure your item is in working order again.



Whether adding additional straps, re-colouring or personalisation such as adding hardware such as studs feel free to send us your ideas or ask our team to get creative with some design sketches.

All our services above are custom made taking into consideration each product’s individual problem so in order for us to help you with repair details and an estimate of time and cost please send an email describing the problem and attach at least one photo of the product you want to send to the SPA 🙂

We offer all services above not only for Simina Filat Design bags but for all brands.

For more information on our services or to learn about how we’ve helped restore hundreds of leather bags, all you have to do is contact us.

As we always say, LOVE YOUR BAG!