About Us

Who we are? Established in 2010, Romanian – based leather manufacturer Simina Filat Design is responsible for producing high-quality accessories, innovative design to minimize waste, use sustainable materials, and create products to have long and useful life.

Design and Designer. We design so that you fall in love with what you wear for years to come, creating a bigger impact on your wardrobe and a smaller impact on the world. 

‘’Simina Filat, beyond her degree – “Bachelor of Fashion Design, Management and Accounting” is also a very prolific designer, with remarkable innovations in accessories design (bags, “objects to carry”, “content” objects). However, her most important value is that she is part of the new wave of designers living and creating in the new form of civilization, which already overwhelms us, in a new fast-moving society that changes even as fast as one can imagine.

She creates and thinks simultaneously in two value systems, one that fades, but still exists, the other that sits firmly in the position of “dominant cultural current” of our time. With a history of more than 10 years, with an important creative and artistic track record – but also with great market success – the “Simina Filat” brand has established itself as a creative, conceptual “space”, with a vision for the new wave of design.

 A Thinker and A Maker in the same equation, Simina Filat has a high-performance studio/workshop, developed by her, in which she produces at the pace of her own creation. (propunere: in which she produces from her imaginative creation.) Her studio embraces modern and traditional techniques and is among the first entrepreneurial forms that provide integrated design services, offering options for co-creation or co-design, directly with the client – “prosumer”.’’

Phd Designer Ioana Sanda Avram

 President of the Design Section – Union of Plastic Artists Romania


Values: Innovative design, Sustainable products and brand, Recycled and Upcycled materials, Ethical manufacturing, No Waste policy, Co-design Community, Extended Life of the products – Repairs/Donate/Reuse/Rent, Creative Workshops and Do It yourself Projects, Ux (User – experince).

We are not a standard leather shop which produces leather products with a modern design, but an infusion between Simina Filat Design and our clients. This emotional and creative relationship is valued by thecommunity of people who believe in our vision and what we do. Simina Filat Design studio offers a creative and friendly environment in which our clients can leave their imagination free, thus becoming part of the design process (Co-Design). This kind of close, friendly relationship with the brand, creates a natural fusion found in our products, therefore, an exciting cultural and professional experience, a Simina Filat World.

Waste No More: We only make what we can sell. We produce in small batches and purchase based on demand to achieve lean production. In 2019 we sold 100% of the products we made.

Maximize Wear & Repair SPAWe believe that an essential piece of sustainability is getting the most use possible out of your favourite products by assuring innovative and inspiring upcycled design while upholding quality. However, it is of the utmost importance to us that you are able to enjoy our products for years to come through our customer support – Care & Repair, so you can enjoy your favourite piece year after year, after all, wear & tear over time from frequent use is to be expected and your beloved products can often be brought back to life with a small repair.

Non-Stop Design Service: This design service is a product that can be found in the Simina Filat Design portfolio since 2010, which is dedicated to companies and corporations that want customized products or the development of products with new design.

Personal style advice: Personal style advice is a service offered to all customers of our brand. The client can seek styling advice from us for an event in choosing the right bag for a certain outfit.

Escape from the usual: We organize monthly workshops for all ages, for those who want to get out of the office and participate in a process of educational creativity: Introduction to the world of design and co-creation; Creative DIY for kids; Bag history; Curiosities about bags; Circular Economy in ordinary products; How it’s made? ; Traditions and art of the craft;

Upcycle – Crumble Me A Bag is part of a circular system designed to open the conventional cycle of consumerism. We’re taking your bags back and transforming the pieces that are damaged beyond repair into entirely new designs.

Rent a bag: Rent a bag is part of the sustainability concept of  “Simina Filat Design” brand. Now you can rent, for as many days as you need, your evening or travel bag in order to reduce our environmental footprint.

UX (User-Experience): Keeping close our consumer community, we always want to offer them the best products, the best information and the most pleasant experiences in our workshop.

“Your Dream Bag” is a user-experience program, through which the consumer is invited to take part in the creation of the product together with the brand designer in a co-design process. In only 6 hours you will create the bag of your dreams as you go through all the stages of production, from a simple sketch to the final product, after which you will leave with your bag on your shoulder.

Charity Work: Giving back has been a core part of our brand since we first launched in 2010.  Over the years, we have supported charities through creative and educational workshops for children in foster care and donations all our leftover materials to educational institutions.


Shortlist Lexus Design Award 2018; ‘Designer of the year’ of the Union of Plastic Artists Romania 2018; Worth Partnership Projects 2019; A ‘Design Award 2019Bronze Medal; ‘Audience Award’ – The most innovative designer of the Materia Leather fair2019


In the near future we will launch 2 new product categories in the portfolio of the Simina Filat Design brand: Textile Furniture, Products for Pets, and Fashion Clothes. With environmental issues such as climate change and plastic pollution dominating the headlines, we turn our attention to unconventional materials, 3D print, smart and living materials following research and long series of tests.

Having a close community based on trust and confidence, we want to introduce in the future a form of “barter”, exchanging products and services between us in the form of monthly subscriptions. (aici nu se intelege exact cum).

Through this approach we encourage a close community as well as the circulation of day-to-day products without monetary or economic forms.

Our best Brand Concept Keywords

ux (user-experience), co-working, community, interconnectivity, co-design, multifunctional, modular, sustainable, furniture, fashion, recycling, reusable, no waste, sharing.